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Bulk SMS Text Messaging service

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 Robust List Maintenance 

 In addition to building new Opt-In lists with our system, you can also
 upload your existing Opt-In lists, and maintain them all online.

 Once a list has been created or imported, you can send messages to it.
 You simply login to our Web site, type your message, select the list(s)
 and either send the job immediately or schedule it to run at a future time.

 When broadcasting your campaigns, our full-featured system gives you
 numerous options:

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Web based  You can either copy/paste or upload a csv file and save in your
     account with a Keyword.

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Lists  Our gateway can automatically add/delete Opt-Ins/Opt-Outs via your
     company's existing Web site (an option).

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Lists  For broadcasts, select which list(s) you want to send your message to,
     by Keyword.

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - Opt Out  You are automatically informed of Opt-Out requests from recipients.

 Bulk SMS Text Messaging - List safety  Your proprietary lists of cell phone numbers are safe with us. We don't
     aggregate your lists, nor distribute them in any way.


  Bulk SMS Text Messaging service requires no software or hardware
 so you can get started today!


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No software needed for SMS Text Messaging
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