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  Broadcast Faxing Services are offered as full-service or self-serve:

 we can handle any list or document  Full Service Broadcast Faxing  (full-service bureau)
   This page describes our Full Service Broadcast Faxing.

 we can handle any list or document  Web based Broadcast Faxing  (self-serve via the Web)
   For Web based Broadcast Faxing, please click... Web Faxing

  Full Service Broadcast Faxing is the solution when...

 we prepare Fax jobs all day, every day  you have non-standard fax documents or fax lists, or

 we prepare Fax jobs all day, every day  you need assistance preparing your fax document or list, or

 we prepare Fax jobs all day, every day  you simply want to off-load fax broadcasting to the experts.

We do Not aggregate, rent, sell or share fax lists.

You simply email your fax list and document to our full-service
  bureau, then we prepare the broadcast to your instructions.


  Full Service Broadcast Faxing offers...

 we can manage your fax lists  List Query:  If you provide us with a master list, then we can select
     records for a fax broadcast based on your variable requirements.

 we can de-dup your fax lists  De-duping:  Upon request, we will remove any duplicates from your
    fax list before broadcasting.

 merge fax lists then purge duplicates  Merge & Purge:  If you provide a supplemental list, we’ll merge the
    new list to the existing database, and purge duplicate records.

 automated Fax removal system  List Scrub:  We can scrub your job's lists against Removal requests
     at no extra charge. If you supply us with lists of Removal fax numbers,
     we will add them to a master Exclusion List for your account, which are
     automatically purged from all your future fax broadcasting job lists.

 we can update area codes in your Fax lists  Area Code Updates:  If your list contains many older fax numbers, then
     we offer an optional update service to get more successful connects


  100% automated Opt-Out capture & suppression

 Free merging  We provide you with a unique Toll-Free telephone number, with an
     Interactive Voice Response system to capture DoNotFax numbers, 24/7.

 Merge on any document  You put the Toll-Free telephone number on your fax documents,
     in a statement offering recipients to Opt-Out of future fax broadcasts.

 Merge on any document  Any DoNotFax numbers submitted are automatically added to your 
     unique DoNotFax list, which you have access to 24/7.

 Best quality images  Every time you submit a fax broadcast, all numbers in your DoNotFax
     list are automatically suppressed from broadcasting.


  Full Service Broadcast Faxing pricing...

 request a quote for your volumes  Pricing is volume-based, from 8.5 cents to below 4 cents per page sent
(for a typical page faxed to USA, Puerto Rico or Canada destinations).
Higher volumes earn lower prices.

 we provide the very best service  You will not find better prices for our level of personal, customer care.

 100% accountability of every fax  Only pay for successful sends - no cost for failed fax transmissions.

 monthly invoice for qualifying companies  Monthly invoice or pre-paid billing options.

 no volume commitments  No term or volume commitments required.

 No fees of any kind  No set up fees or monthly fees.

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