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  Your Fax, Email and SMS contacts are your proprietary information, and
  are held in the strictest confidence.  We do not aggregate, rent, sell or
  share your data in any manner.  We do not use or recommend list
  vendors, harvesting processes or auto-dialers.

  As the originator of sending electronic messages to your contacts,
  you are solely responsible for your compliance with state and national
  laws.  The following information is to alert you to some of those laws.
  Your due diligence to ensure your compliance is strongly advised.

  RULINGS pertaining to Fax Messaging:
  In June 2005, Congress passed the Junk Fax Prevention Act of 2005
  (JFPA), and The President signed it into law on July 9, 2005.  On April 5,
  2006, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its final
  revisions, effective August 1, 2006.

  For the latest wording of the JFPA, refer to...

  RULINGS pertaining to Email Messaging:
  On January 1, 2004, new nation-wide regulations went into effect
  regarding Email messaging.

  For the wording of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, refer to...

  RULINGS pertaining to SMS Messaging:
  SMS Text Messaging is also governed by the Telemarketing Sales Rule,
  including honoring the National DoNotCall Registry

  For a central resource for individual state's laws, refer to...

  The information offered here is not all-inclusive nor meant to advise,
  but rather to make you aware that there are various federal and
  state laws governing the distribution of electronic messages.

There may be other rules regarding the distribution of electronic
  messages - internationally, nationwide or statewide - that are not
  identified here.  Unsolicited commercial faxes advertising the sale
  of real property, goods or services may be in violation of state
  and federal law, and may subject advertisers to civil penalties.

  Your due diligence is strongly advised.