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   Looking for a fax service provider to help send personalized faxes to your customers or prospects?

   Since 1998 we have specialized in helping small businesses do just that.

   With your fax document and list(s), we'll send personalized faxes (with Merge Fields) to each recipient.

   Our expertise in list manipulation can merge lists together, de-dupe and setup Merge Fields for you.

   However, if you don't need our help with your lists or merging, you can use our Web-based system. 

   B2B-eLINK offers reliable service with competitive pricing for...

    Run jobs on your own  Full-Service Fax Broadcasting  (with or without Fax Merge fields)

    Run jobs on your own  Self-Serve  Web-Based Fax Broadcasting  (with or without Fax Merge fields)

    Run jobs on your own  SMS  Text Broadcasting

   About Laws...

    Run jobs on your own  As the originator of sending electronic messages to your recipients, you are solely responsible for your
        compliance with state and national laws.  For more info, please..
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   We'll help send personalized messages to your prospects & customers quicker, and with less frustration .

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