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No software needed for Web Faxing

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  Take control of your Fax Broadcasting - Easier and Cheaper !

  Our Web-based Fax Broadcasting service offers you totally
  automated, self-serve Web Faxing - via our fax servers.

  With nothing to setup and little to learn, you can broadcast faxes today!
  We assign you an account and password, then you simply use...
  ... any PC running Windows
  ... with any internet connection - anywhere
  ... to submit, proof and launch fax broadcasts from our Web servers
  ... to any number of faxes:  to one fax recipient - or to a list of faxes.

No software, hardware, fax cards or phone lines needed !

  If you're currently...
  ... broadcasting to your list from a fax machine, or
  ... broadcasting via your PC with fax cards and their faxing software, or
  ... broadcasting via a vendor with their desktop faxing software, or
  ... using a vendor that needs you to email the document and list to them,
  ... then our Web-based service will simplify your job immensely !

With our Web-based service, there's no hassle or waiting !

  It's Easy: Logon our Web server, then follow the prompts to upload your list
  and document, and schedule your job's launch date/time.  After submitting
  the job, your PC and internet connection are not needed.  Our servers will
  broadcast your document to your list of fax numbers using our digital lines.


  Plus we assign a personal representative to help make your learning curve
  short and painless!  Our customers say it best:
  "Thank you. You have made this a pain-free and easy system to implement. I canít
  imagine using our old system at this point!" - J.C., Chicago


   Web-based Fax Broadcasting gives you virtually unlimited outbound
   faxing capabilities - without any investment

 Free merging  There is NO hardware, fax cards or software to install or learn.

 fax jobs anywhere you have internet access  You can submit, proof, launch and review fax jobs on the Web 24/7.

 each user gets unique Web access  Perfect for any fax broadcasting application of any volume...

   ... from a 1-page document faxed to 1 recipient,
   ... to multi-page documents faxed to thousands of recipients.
       No job is too large or too small.
 each user gets unique Web access 
We cater to small businesses, including ...
   ... associations that need to fax hundreds or thousands of pages,
   ... the SO/HO that faxes hundreds of pages per month, and
   ... legal offices that fax large, multi-page documents. 
 we fax on your schedule  Our multiple fax servers broadcast low- and high-volume jobs quickly.


   Web-based Fax Broadcasting is Reliable and Robust

 Free merging  Easily Merge data from your fax list onto your document.

 Merge on any document  We support Merging onto multiple file types (PDF, Word and more)

 instant or scheduled launch times  You may schedule your jobs in advance of the launch time.

 instant or scheduled launch times  Your broadcasts reliably run when you want them to - on demand.

 Detailed reporting  View job status on the Web: scheduled, running or completed.

 Detailed reporting  Review detailed, itemized reports, archived online.

 instant or scheduled launch times  Fastest fax reporting in the industry - with 100% accountability.

   100% automated Opt-Out capture & supression

 Free merging  We provide you with a unique Toll-Free telephone number, with an
     Interactive Voice Response system to capture DoNotFax requests, 24/7.

 Merge on any document  You put the Toll-Free telephone number on your fax documents,
     in a statement offering recipients to Opt-Out of future fax broadcasts.

 Merge on any document  Any DoNotFax numbers submitted are automatically added to your 
     unique DoNotFax list, which you have access to 24/7 via the Web

 Merge on any document  Every time you submit a fax broadcast, all numbers in your DoNotFax
     list are automatically suppressed from broadcasting.


  Please Note:  You need to provide your own fax numbers: 
  we do NOT aggregate, rent, sell or share fax numbers.


  If you're a Small Business, we're your Best Value:
  ... we reject the spammers, so we don't expect high volumes.
  ... we are the low-price leader for lower volumes!
  ...  easy-to-use Web-based system - Nothing to install or learn.


    We offer the best customer support in the Fax industry...
    You will be assigned a personal, experienced representative,
    as well as direct access to our tech support team.
    So you will be faxing on your own - but not alone.


No setup fees.   No monthly fees.   No per-job fees.
No volume requirements.
  No annual contracts/termination fees


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